Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Make Their Dreams Come True with French Furniture for Children

French Furniture for Children
When we think of exquisite furniture furnishing our children's bedrooms is often not the first thing that comes to mind. The beauty of French bedroom furniture can easily be transferred into our children's nurseries and can add an extra bit of sparkle to your home! Whether you are looking to transform their bedroom into a little French palace or just having glimmers of elegance, the choices available today will fulfil both your child's taste and yours. This article hopes to advise and assist in your path to creating the perfect kid's paradise!
French beds are a great starting point for making an exciting child's bedroom, its charm and unique character is still retained in just a smaller form. Beautiful carvings commonly feature with intricately etched lines and wonderful shapes, perfect for letting your little one's imagination run wild! Different types of fabric upholstery are readily available to customise your child's head and footboard. Try shades of red and blue in deck chair striped patterns for boys and floral patterns with shades of rose reds, pink and cream for girls. The small touches like this will make both girls and boys more excited about sleeping in their new beds! For an even more personalised touch why not invest in a customised headboard, these can display anything from their favourite animal to their own name. Whichever option they choose bedtimes will become a more relaxing experience for your child and you! For the perfect bedding opt for sumptuous silk pillowcases and quilts these will sooth your child's skin and look stunning in your interior.

For the perfect piece to store their clothes invest in a glamorous French Armoire. The delicate carved detailing will pair perfectly with their stunning bed. In terms of colours opt for antique whites and soft creams these will contribute to a tranquil atmosphere we all want in our homes. French inspired chests of drawers are a great storage option for kids too. Girls usually prefer pretty pink numbers with hand painted strokes and fine detailing. Thinly shaped legs are often found on pieces such as these and contribute to their graceful persona. For boys keep it more simplistic with a white Georgian bombe chest with a distressed finish, this will complement his bedroom effortlessly!

Bedroom chairs are ideal for kids' bedrooms! Their petite size and French styling look really cute and will certainly brighten up their chosen space. Crafted to match adult sized dining chairs you can expect the same amazing quality and design from these little numbers. So why not inspire and transform your children's bedroom today? They will love these new additions!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Finding Genuine Antiques Demands Time


Furniture is often termed as "antique" because of its age, condition, utility, and other unique features that make the item desirable. The furniture may hold objects horizontally, support a human body and provide storage. Nevertheless, the earliest form of furniture was practical and simple. But with time, the furniture was professionally crafted and decorated. As a result, they became a symbol of status, which wealthy homeowners demanded.

Be careful not to strip off the old finish:
Buying antique furniture demands detective work. Once you discover an item that you think is an antique, be careful not to strip off the old finish. The old finish is the most valued part. It develops over many years of polishing, thus when removed, the furniture loses its value. However, you can restore and clean an old finish by wiping off decades of dirt, spots, white 
rings, scratches and burns that often detract the finish.
When you are out shopping for antiques you need to carry several tools including a tape measure, baby wipes, strong flash-light, a sewing needle, a small sharp knife, a screwdriver and a magnifying glass. You can confirm whether the furniture is genuine by inserting the sewing needle into possible wormholes. If the needle goes in straight, then this is not a wormhole but a hole made using a drill; worms do not eat into the furniture in a straight line. Meanwhile, the sharp knife is used to confirm the type of wood that was used.
It is equally important to look for early workmanship signs including the proportions, materials (wood and hardwood) and the design details. Avoid relying heavily on old labels because they could be easily faked or reproduced. Furthermore, look out for possible repairs because poorly done repairs are not the best. Swindlers are keen to make "new" furniture using "old" parts. 

They can also marry "old" and "new" pieces.
Check the changes in color on the wood. You can check the top's underside, which should be lighter than the wood exposed to air for many decades. If there is no difference, then the alleged antique should be handled suspiciously. The tape comes in handy while checking out for shrinkage because wood is prone to shrinkage over time. Nonetheless, wood remains the same with the grain while shrinkage is discovered across the grain. The change can be detected on the legs and sides. Therefore, you are more likely to discover splits in dowered joints and longer wood pieces.

Glues are can also indication of the age of the antique furniture. In the early days, glues were made out of bones, fish and hides. Furthermore, early glues were applied "hot". These glues were prone to give way after many years. On the other hand, modern glue is often white and is a 20th century invention. Moreover, it is extremely strong and often permanent. Once applied and dried you will be in a place to discover the difference. Furthermore, if you find a loose joint you will be in a better place to confirm the glue type.

Barrel Chair Slipcovers for Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is always a priced possession for many. It reminds us of our grandparents and parents who used it at some point of time, making them historically important assets of the family; the China cabinet of granny, the rocking chair of Uncle Harry and the barrel chair on which you and your siblings spent hours playing in childhood. All are the enchantments of the golden times; the times when the things didn't move so fast, and life was less complicated. With the passing time, this furniture has seen generations using it and maybe, sometimes shifted from one place to another. To make them fit in well with your modern day furniture can be a little tricky, but is an achievable task. The barrel chair slipcover is always one of the recommended options for restoring the antique furniture.

Often, this old furniture is haggard, the barrel chair slipcover torn. The furnished things are now covered with superannuated fabrics. The wood finish also does not remain so commendable in order to for them to work well at home. One needs to amend the old with the new look. To refurnish an antique quality chair is worth the amount spent on it. The person not only can cover the chair with a new cloth but can also make them fit in well with their current home decor. Padding the old furniture again surely helps to make them more comfortable. Putting a graphic fabric covering as a barrel chair slipcover enhances its beauty and brings back that contemporary feel to it. If the person wants to add a designer touch to his old furniture, one can always use contrasting welting on it.

There are many ways to throw new life in these antique pieces of barrel chair slipcovers. The person may be surprised to know the number of ways by which this old furniture can be professionally restored. If the bones of furniture do not fit in well, they can be restyled to gibe with your current home decor. Padding is always a welcomed option to soften the lines of a chair or a recliner. The pleated chair skirts with a tailored seat back and a similar table cloth are also appreciable options to refurbish the old barrel chair slipcovers.

One of the easy jobs in refurbishing the old furniture is changing the seat padding of the chairs. They can be easily unscrewed. Then you can cut the cloth according to the size and staple it back. Changing the barrel seat slipcovers is almost the same too. You just need to cut the fabric in the shape of seat and make sure it stick with the seat well. If left loose, barrel seat slipcover can come off making it uncomfortable to sit. It is not so daunting task to restore the antique furniture and making them match with the modern world accessories in your living room.

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Advantages of Having Teak Wood As Patio Furniture

The patio serves as another relaxing and comforting place at home.  It is also an area of the home where parties and small gatherings are conducted.  With the proper choice of furniture, the patio will give your home more sensitivity and openness.
Patio furniture is made from varied materials such as wood, glass, leather, veneer, wicker, aluminum, chrome and plastic.  The most ordinary, however, is wood.  It is a popular choice among homeowners, as wooden furniture is regarded as appropriate in the garden or veranda.  One of the accepted wood materials for patio furniture is teak.

What is teak tree?
Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar and Indonesia have plenty of teak trees.   Its scientific name is Tectona grandis.  Of these two, Myanmar is the world's third teak producer in the world.  Africa and other tropical nations have started growing these trees because of its high market value.
Soft to the eyes is its golden brown color and has natural oils that can thwart termites and other insects from eating the wood.  It is resistant to wear and tear and other climate conditions because of its silica elements.  Unlike other types of wood, teak does not need frequent oiling in order to last longer.  Compared to other types of wood, teak has tensile power, which is the reason why it is preferred for furniture and boat making.

The Advantages of Teak Wood
  • Teak opposes insects because of it natural oil.
  • It can tolerate rain and heat despite having no maintenance for two years because of its silica element.  Thus, teak wood does not rot easily.
  • Teak does not require any polishing or oiling.
  • It can be carved because of its sturdiness. It is not only beautiful but is also smooth and resilient. Teak does not fracture or break even if it is exposed to metals. It is a favored material among ship manufacturers due to its toughness and other beneficial characteristics.
  • Teak Wood Patio Furniture Plain is how you can describe patio furniture made from teak, as it does not have many decorations. This allows the designer to put in his ideas in decorating the furniture.
  • Teak furniture is usually sold in sets or by piece.  If you buy it per piece, it can be matched with your existing patio furniture, bar set, or even in the dining room.  It can also be used as garden furniture or picnic sets.
  • Teak wood picnic sets usually have benches or armless chairs.
  • The bar sets made from teak has armless chairs and armed chairs.
  • Teak wood dining chairs are more flexible, as it can be combined with any type of chair.

You can combine your teak wood patio furniture with other varieties such as foldable ones, recliner sofa, davenport or your normal dining chairs.
Teak wood furniture is commonly preferred to be placed in the patio as it adds elegance to the calming ambiance of this place.

However, due to the growing shortage of teak wood that makes it expensive, manufacturers are turning to hardwoods like oak and mahogany.  These two, however, can never match the superior quality of teak.