Monday, November 6, 2017

Barrel Chair Slipcovers for Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is always a priced possession for many. It reminds us of our grandparents and parents who used it at some point of time, making them historically important assets of the family; the China cabinet of granny, the rocking chair of Uncle Harry and the barrel chair on which you and your siblings spent hours playing in childhood. All are the enchantments of the golden times; the times when the things didn't move so fast, and life was less complicated. With the passing time, this furniture has seen generations using it and maybe, sometimes shifted from one place to another. To make them fit in well with your modern day furniture can be a little tricky, but is an achievable task. The barrel chair slipcover is always one of the recommended options for restoring the antique furniture.

Often, this old furniture is haggard, the barrel chair slipcover torn. The furnished things are now covered with superannuated fabrics. The wood finish also does not remain so commendable in order to for them to work well at home. One needs to amend the old with the new look. To refurnish an antique quality chair is worth the amount spent on it. The person not only can cover the chair with a new cloth but can also make them fit in well with their current home decor. Padding the old furniture again surely helps to make them more comfortable. Putting a graphic fabric covering as a barrel chair slipcover enhances its beauty and brings back that contemporary feel to it. If the person wants to add a designer touch to his old furniture, one can always use contrasting welting on it.

There are many ways to throw new life in these antique pieces of barrel chair slipcovers. The person may be surprised to know the number of ways by which this old furniture can be professionally restored. If the bones of furniture do not fit in well, they can be restyled to gibe with your current home decor. Padding is always a welcomed option to soften the lines of a chair or a recliner. The pleated chair skirts with a tailored seat back and a similar table cloth are also appreciable options to refurbish the old barrel chair slipcovers.

One of the easy jobs in refurbishing the old furniture is changing the seat padding of the chairs. They can be easily unscrewed. Then you can cut the cloth according to the size and staple it back. Changing the barrel seat slipcovers is almost the same too. You just need to cut the fabric in the shape of seat and make sure it stick with the seat well. If left loose, barrel seat slipcover can come off making it uncomfortable to sit. It is not so daunting task to restore the antique furniture and making them match with the modern world accessories in your living room.

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