Friday, November 3, 2017

The Advantages of Having Teak Wood As Patio Furniture

The patio serves as another relaxing and comforting place at home.  It is also an area of the home where parties and small gatherings are conducted.  With the proper choice of furniture, the patio will give your home more sensitivity and openness.
Patio furniture is made from varied materials such as wood, glass, leather, veneer, wicker, aluminum, chrome and plastic.  The most ordinary, however, is wood.  It is a popular choice among homeowners, as wooden furniture is regarded as appropriate in the garden or veranda.  One of the accepted wood materials for patio furniture is teak.

What is teak tree?
Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar and Indonesia have plenty of teak trees.   Its scientific name is Tectona grandis.  Of these two, Myanmar is the world's third teak producer in the world.  Africa and other tropical nations have started growing these trees because of its high market value.
Soft to the eyes is its golden brown color and has natural oils that can thwart termites and other insects from eating the wood.  It is resistant to wear and tear and other climate conditions because of its silica elements.  Unlike other types of wood, teak does not need frequent oiling in order to last longer.  Compared to other types of wood, teak has tensile power, which is the reason why it is preferred for furniture and boat making.

The Advantages of Teak Wood
  • Teak opposes insects because of it natural oil.
  • It can tolerate rain and heat despite having no maintenance for two years because of its silica element.  Thus, teak wood does not rot easily.
  • Teak does not require any polishing or oiling.
  • It can be carved because of its sturdiness. It is not only beautiful but is also smooth and resilient. Teak does not fracture or break even if it is exposed to metals. It is a favored material among ship manufacturers due to its toughness and other beneficial characteristics.
  • Teak Wood Patio Furniture Plain is how you can describe patio furniture made from teak, as it does not have many decorations. This allows the designer to put in his ideas in decorating the furniture.
  • Teak furniture is usually sold in sets or by piece.  If you buy it per piece, it can be matched with your existing patio furniture, bar set, or even in the dining room.  It can also be used as garden furniture or picnic sets.
  • Teak wood picnic sets usually have benches or armless chairs.
  • The bar sets made from teak has armless chairs and armed chairs.
  • Teak wood dining chairs are more flexible, as it can be combined with any type of chair.

You can combine your teak wood patio furniture with other varieties such as foldable ones, recliner sofa, davenport or your normal dining chairs.
Teak wood furniture is commonly preferred to be placed in the patio as it adds elegance to the calming ambiance of this place.

However, due to the growing shortage of teak wood that makes it expensive, manufacturers are turning to hardwoods like oak and mahogany.  These two, however, can never match the superior quality of teak.

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